Times and Winds / Bes Vakit Film Review


Title: Times and Winds/ Bes Vakit

Subject: Children grow up in a world of religious and cultural tensions.

Year: Turkish Release: 2006; English Release: 2008

Produced By: Ömer Atlay

Distributed By: Atlantik Film

Format: DVD, Turkish with English Subtitles

Reviewed by: Malcolm L. Rigsby, J.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Department of Sociology, Human Services and Criminal Justice, Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, http://www.hsu.edu/sociology/.

Running Time:  111 minutes

Color/B&W: Color

Rating: Highly Recommended.  5 of 5 Stars

Directed by: Raha Erdem

Starring: Ozen Ozkan, Ali Bey Kayali, Elit Işcan

Audience Level: High School, College and General Adult (some graphic language and sexual connotation).        

           Toronto International Film Festival, Official Selection, 2006
           Rome Film Festival, 2006
           Pusan International Film Festival, 2006
           Istanbul International Film Festival, National Competition, 2006
               Best Turkish Film
               FIPRESCI award
           Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, National Competition, 2006
               Best Turkish Film
               Best Supporting Actor (Bülent Emin Yarar)
               Best Promising Actor (Ali Bey Kayali)
               Best Promising Actress (Elit Işcan)
           Int. Mediterranean Film Festival Montpellier, Competition, 2006


It was King Solomon that said that everything has a time and a season.  So it goes in this rural Turkish village in the mountains along the sea.  The three main characters, Ömer (Ozen Ozkan), Yakup (Ali Bey Kayali), and Yildiz (Elit Işcan) are adolescents seeking to find their place in a world controlled by religion, custom, and nature.  Like an iron cage the characters move about freely within the cage, but are still confined by its boundaries. 

This film portrays the experiences of growing up and the oppositions and tensions that exist between generations who on the one hand desire to stay true to their community but at once seek to expand their own understanding of life.  As one grandmother in the film says emphatically about men; as boys they are sweet, but they all grow into men that hate the world.  Like the seasons and the wind time ever advances and affects our lives.  Although we focus on the lives of the children in this film we also note the continued tensions experienced by the adults, particularly the men who must continue to wrest with the extended family, their relationships with their children and their wives. 

The music scores in this film will no doubt set the ominous tone for an enjoyable and very thoughtful experience.  The film moves very slowly for the most part and for this reason I would normally rate it lower as a must see.  However, due to the deep subject matter and the excellent way the director and editors brought out intrigue I compensate for the slow pace.  Although the film supplies moments of humor, suspense and young love; if you are looking for a thriller, romance, or a comedy look elsewhere.  If you wish to enjoy beautiful screen shots, nature in its splendor and deeply meaningful expressionism you must see Times and Winds.  Many scenes in this film returned me to my childhood and adolescence as well as seeing my own child mature.  Like the characters we see all sorts of realities.  We see the young Yakip who is in love with his teacher, Ömer who hates his father for a reason never truly expressed, and Yildiz the girl moving from childhood to womanhood.  With each day and challenge we see each child grow up and adapt their own understanding of their unique culture and life. 

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About Malcolm L. Rigsby

Malcolm L. Rigsby, Ph.D., J.D. is a faculty member in the Department of Sociology, Human Services and Criminal Justice at Henderson State University, Arkansas. He received his Ph.D. in sociology, at Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas. In 1979 he received his B.A.T. from Sam Houston State University, in History and Education with a minor in Sociology. He holds his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from St. Mary’s University School of Law (1989) and is a licensed attorney in Arkansas and Texas. He is active in the independent review of documentary film as well as a free lance reviewer for Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) hosted by the libraries at the University of Buffalo. He is active in research of prisoner identity and transformation toward pro-sociality and desistance from crime.
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