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The Zionist Story (Full Documentary)

The Zionist Story, an independent film by Ronen Berelovich, is the story of ethnic cleansing, colonialism and apartheid to produce a demographically Jewish State.  Complements of Kanan48 Blog at WordPress Advertisements

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Alexandra Wallace Youtube

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A Road to Mecca: The Journey of Muhammad Asad

A Road to Mecca is a personal journey.  Directed by Georg Misch.  Misch takes us on a trip beginning in the early 1920s when we are introduced to a young Jew by the name of Leopold Weis. Leopold is the name that carries … Continue reading

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A Dream For Kabul: Magic Heals the Heart

Distributed by the National Film Board of Canada, director Philippe Baylaucq brings a stark and realistic look at one man’s attempts to reconcile the loss of his only son in the 9-11 terrorist bombing of the twin towers in New York, and his humanitarian … Continue reading

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33 Days

33 Days a film by Mai Masri. Read my review at EMRO: your connection to quality open source reviews.  Educational Media Reviews Online database supported by the University of Buffalo Libraries. Producer and director Mai Masri presents us with … Continue reading

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Cultures In an Age of Globalization

This is an accompanying Presi used in a presentation on Culture at Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas.  The topic examines the basic definition of culture.  Building on its definition we consider how globalization has impacted the relationships between diverse cultures.  Options for all modern society include seeking multiculturalism in … Continue reading

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Religious Practices Making Moral Habitus

This presentation uses Prezi.  The focus is upon the study by Daniel Winchester and his later journal article entitled: Embodying the Faith: Religious Practice and the Making of a Muslim Moral Habitus (2008).  In this study Winchester seeks to develop empiric, high level … Continue reading

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Waiting For Mercy: The Case against Mohammed Hossain and Yassin Aref

Waiting For Mercy, directed by Ellie Bernstein This film deserves full consideration. Questions that arise include how much power government should have to determine which groups may be singled out for close scrutiny, and if arrest is made under what circumstances may … Continue reading

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Cairo Station 50th Anniversary Release

Cairo Station is a classic by Youssef Chahine.  This land mark film is a look at identity and nationalism.  We may implant our self within the contexts of Nationalism as a movement in the northern part of Africa as indigenous people … Continue reading

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Abraham’s Children by Nina Froriep

Abraham’s Children: A stark, direct, humorous and serious look at growing up Muslim in America.  Social concerns, the event of 9-11, war, and fear of the unknown have led many non-Muslims in America to focus on distinctions between Muslims and non-Muslims. … Continue reading

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